Sites I have done

These are some of the sites that I have done coding for. – This is my other personal page. I plan on using it to document my experiences with the airforce, although currently it is just being used as a picture gallery, so my friends and family can keep up. All the code here was written (with the exception of my wordpress blog) by me. Although I did use google to find out how to do some stuff. – This is my buddies site. Originally we started work out with the forum. We did a lot of changes to the theme (AaNewDamage by m3talc0re). I then took that theme, and redid the website so it all looked the same. – This was a slightly modified version of my airforce page. I put this up for a friend who is in the Army, so she can share her pictures with friends and family. – This was a project based off of a wireless script I created years ago for Linux. My buddy talked me into creating a sourceforge project for it. Currently the script is at a stand still, but me and my friend designed the site.

With all my sites I strive for validation. I believe all of them are xhtml based, and the airforce page and brandy’s page are both true xhtml 1.0 strict. This means that there are no tables used for layout, and all the styling is done through CSS. Once I redesign this site, it will be as well.

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